Total Drama of the Genders

An RPG/challenge
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 Rules to the Site

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Admin Johnny

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PostSubject: Rules to the Site   Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:00 pm

The rules to the site are pretty simple.

1. No Spamming
2. No Over-Cussing. If you need to cuss, please use *'s.
3. No Threatening People, Physical Violence or Acting Stupid (this is supposed to be for fun, if your going to say your going to kill someone, or if your telling people to do drugs because you do, your automatically banned. if you go on some tantrum and start attacking and hitting people, you will be ejected)
4. No Cybering (Nothing Innappropriate)
5. Nothing Rated M!
6. If You have a Complaint, PM it to me, or if it involves the challenge, post it in the Office.
7. No Godmodding (even though the challenges are fair so it wont matter if you do do it)
8. No Having Duplicate Accounts (unless you have a good reason, like your sibling is also doing it, like that even happens...)
9. Keep it safe. This is supposed to be for fun. (You can fight and start drama, but don't try tracking the person down in real-life, just becaue they voted for you and no physical violence)
10. If I feel you need to be removed from the site for another reason, not listed above, I can.
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Rules to the Site
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