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 Rules to Voting Off

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PostSubject: Rules to Voting Off   Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:28 pm

Elimination is easy here. When one team loses, and the winner of the winning team says which three players he would like in the bottom three, voting is open. All players from the losing team can vote off any one of the three people who are in the bottom 3. Your votes are all confidential, and I will not use any names on who voted for who.

You will have about 24 hours to vote. You can vote until I start the voting ceremony. I will try to post what time I plan to start the voting ceremony, but since everyone is living around the U.S., the time will be confusing, so vote whenever you get the chance to. I will not interfere in the voting-off process at all.

If I feel, that a player has been voted off that did not deserve it, I do have the power to bring them back, but it is not guranteed. So if you get voted off, please don't bug me about bringing you back into the game. I might have a challenge later on, in which all the voted-off players can compete in, and the winner will get a chance in returning to the show.
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Rules to Voting Off
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